If those cases mentioned in this article are “White Terror.” What term should we use to describe those who have lost their jobs, got arrested, beaten, or even killed, because of their speech and political stance, in Hong Kong, and in Taiwan 50–60 years ago?

Many cases of harm mentioned in this article, lie in the realm of speech. From online responses to banners in the campus. Freedom of speech under great threat, apparently, is not the consideration of the author. No worry, those banners in campus and the street will be gone in near future. The authority has won, now people get arrested by posting something against the government. Did you mention White Terror? Who has the real power to take away your job, physical freedom, personal integrity, or even life in this city? Your bad feeling surrounded by those banners and posters in campus will be soothed one day, not long, when the government’s propaganda replace those. Do you care if some people will feel traumatized then?

Yes this is the politics of trauma and victimization.

If I feel hurt whenever I hear and see anything opposing my will. If I feel stressed and traumatized when I hear any criticism. Should the world apologize to me? I did not think so. But after reading this article, I may think again. I always feel anxious about human civilization, the tall buildings and cars make me suffer, thinking about the environmental crisis. Don’t tell me to move to the countryside, that is blaming the victim.

If one feels “surrounded” by one voice, which is the pro-protest voice, then I am really confused. This city is ruled by China, the HKSAR government, police with lethal weapons and brutality — not speech — and most institutions, form schools to hospitals, under their control, with the support of many citizens who support the authority no matter what. That is the majority.

How can one be “surrounded” by the minority? Leave the minority. Yes, even the worry of losing friends because of different stances can be called a symptom of White Terror. I am always anxious about this too. I know from policeman to Mainlanders to protesters of various kinds. Whatever I say online make me worry losing friends. But is that White Terror from all parties?

Who is more marginalized, who is more politically correct. This is the politics of victimization. Existentially, in the world, every person is isolated, while some people call that independent. A world of freedom is stressful, because everyone could have spoken something different from mine. In the time of mass conflict, the campus is a base to fight against the authority, given that it is one of the marginalized remaining space not yet totally under the authorities control. If you make a poster wall un the public places, your posters will be destroyed, you may be attacked by thugs, and arrested by the police. Actually even the campus is under the suppress of the leader of the college. I see how you feel sincerely as a marginalized member in a marginalized space. But one is to be blamed (so they can feel traumatized too) for defending the freedom of speech on the temporary period of resistance, then we may give more “marginalization marks” to them. Because you and the authority stand against them from two different sides.


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